Testimonials from Clients of the Roberts Family Law Firm

Some Client Testimonials

“Having David and Lauren in my corner during my divorce was a blessing! They were supportive, resourceful and incredibly efficient! They kept me informed but not overwhelmed! I would recommend them wholeheartedly! Thank you so much for being there for me!”

-A. Andrade

“Yes, there’s a plethora of other attorneys but I selected Dave Roberts to handle my case again seven years later because: he is a genuine person, an attorney by profession but first and foremost a human being, one who listens, cares and realizes that: it is his client’s whole world and life, not just another case! Due to his skill, legal knowledge, and astute understanding of client management, my desired legal outcomes were achieved to the fullest degree possible. I have witnessed his work ethic, positive attitude and energy, and I believe when a person gives that much of themselves to their daily profession, they are headed for success; I hope that every potential client in need of guidance will also realizes that for their sake. Furthermore, if every lawyer I encountered possessed the assiduousness, concern and passion of your Mr. Roberts, maneuvering the legal system would truly be a more agreeable experience!

So I express my sincerest gratitude to Attorney Roberts for his wisdom, guidance and success in our most recent legal interaction. I would not have considered retaining any other attorney to guide me to safety, and peace of mind for my child. He always achieves positive results in spite of it seeming unlikely; this time he settled in mediation without having to take my case to trial. Once again he did it!”
All my appreciation,

-L. Ditta-Cupolo

“I consider myself blessed to have found Mr. David Roberts. I was married for over 20 years and did not want to get a divorce. I found myself having to seek out and find an attorney over the internet. I took my time and looked at several attorney web sites when I ran across The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A. It was the statement of they provide “Aggressive Representation” that got my attention. I called and made my appointment right away.

My meeting with Mr. Roberts was very emotional but he was compassionate and showed empathy toward my situation. I appreciated Mr. Robert’s kind but firm way of giving realistic, reasonable advice, not only about immediate divorce proceedings but about related longer term challenges as well. Mr. Roberts is truly my hero and I highly recommend him and the group of professionals he employs. “

-M. Taylor

“I strongly recommend The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A., as they helped resolve my very tempestuous divorce with professionalism and discretion. Mr. Roberts is very knowledgeable and experienced and I was comforted by the fact that Mr. Roberts could represent me through all stages of the legal process. The staff at The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A. are extremely respectful, attentive and warm; information was always communicated in a timely manner and the staff was always available to answer questions and guide me. Their knowledge, professionalism and experience certainly make The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A. my number one choice. “

-C. Cutter

“I would just like to thank Mr. Roberts and his staff for their dedication and professionalism during my divorce case. Mr. Roberts was my second attorney during my very heated divorce. The difference between the two attorneys could not be more vast in professionalism. I was very used to never being responded to and to having bills show up after I was way past my retainer with my first attorney. When I employed Mr. Roberts it felt like I finally met an attorney who actually cared about what I was going through and his dedication is unbelievable. I haven’t met an attorney that would call you on a Sunday or way past normal business hours to address your concerns, but this is normal business practice for a person like Mr. Roberts. It is rare when an attorney takes time to really get to know what’s important to a client. Mr. Roberts asked me from the beginning what was most important to me and he then set the wheels in motion to obtain what I most wanted out of my divorce. The conclusion of my case was a success I now have full custody of my daughter and we are living a happy life together. I can’t thank him enough and hope that whomever is reading this will employ him and come to learn what I have. Not all attorneys are created equal, but a small few are REMARKABLE. Mr. Roberts is one of the small few.”

-M. Abernathy

“Distraught, confused and angry is the manner by which I appeared in front of attorney David T. Roberts seeking legal guidance from The Roberts Family Law Firm. My issue was being accused of paternity by a petitioner who I had not seen in almost two years. The method by which I went to The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A. was due to my initial phone call looking for legal advice. I was told by the legal assistant to come in for a consultation and if I don’t choose their firm, the information I would receive would benefit me greatly because the attorneys are intelligent. After the consultation, I chose David T. Roberts to represent me and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. Mr. Roberts thoroughly explained my options to include protecting my rights and interest. In my case, the truth set me free, but through the process the petitioner did a lot to distort the facts. This firm did not take those tactics lightly. Due to the erroneous claim filed against me I was represented expertly by this firm and totally exonerated of all accusations. Additionally, I was awarded for my fees from the other petitioner who filed the frivolous claim. I HIGHTLY RECOMMEND THE ROBERTS FAMILY LAW FIRM, P.A; to all persons who require their expertise. I am grateful to David T. Roberts and his entire staff for protecting me and my family from a clear and obvious attempt of extortion.”

-F. McSears

“On the conclusion of my case I would like to take a moment to thank you for the stellar effort exerted by you and your firm in bringing my divorce to the best possible conclusion. There is no replacement for a good lawyer when you really need one, and I did. Facing the loss of my house which I owned years before my marriage, I desperately needed astute counsel who understood my unique and complicated concerns. You and your paralegal, Lauren Mesenzeff asked all the right questions, dug around in all the right corners and came up with a strong and proper defense. Knowing your overwhelmingly winning record in the court room I began to feel confident I would not lose my home. However, my situation required that this be brought to a successful conclusion without all the additional time, expense and travail of depositions and trial. You listened to me and combined my desires with your professional experience to fashion a winning strategy. Your three minute presentation of my case in Mediation was nothing short of “Lincoln-esque”. Its effect was immediate and breathtaking. I only wish I had recorded it. You won for me my house and every dollar it cost me to defend it. Those who say there are no winners or losers in such cases are wrong. To lose my home to a petitioner who already owned two would have been certain defeat. Anyone I meet in need of fair and proper relief in the area of family law will be referred to you, because there’s not a sharper lawyer in town…and that’s incontrovertible! Thank you very much!”

-M. Smith

“In my experience with the law offices of The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A., I have come to be grateful, and appreciative for the services provided, with the unduplicated showing of professionalism, confidence, and a calming demeanor displayed by attorney Dave Roberts. Since Dave has been successful in our litigation goal, which was to obtain full custody of my child, I can say that the opportunity to be represented by such a fabulous lawyer has been both a pleasure, and an honor, as well as having the settling feeling to know that what once started as a business partnership has turned into a lifelong creation of memories. If ever again necessary, without a doubt Dave would be called on to handle my legal affairs.”

-G. Frazier

Mr. Roberts.

“I recommend him highly”
“I was very pleased with the professionalism of him and his staff, and the willingness to resolve the issues quickly and at a reasonable cost. Mine was a very complicated divorce and Mr. Roberts and his staff were always focused on working with me to find solutions to the complicated problems. I recommend him highly.”

-D. Servi

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