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One of the most hotly contested areas of a divorce involves child custody and visitation . However, you do not have to be a divorcing couple to need the services of an experienced family law attorney in Orlando, FL . The same custody and visitation laws that apply to divorcing parents also apply to people who were never married to their children’s other parent.

We Help Clients With Child Custody And Visitation Cases

At The Roberts Family Law Firm in Orlando, FL, we have represented numerous clients in child custody and visitation cases . Our Orlando child custody attorneys have handled more than 1,000 family law cases and have obtained excellent results in virtually every case. The keys to our success include meticulous preparation and the use of highly regarded experts, ranging from forensic psychologists to child development experts.

In Florida, most parents share parental responsibility in making important decisions about their child’s education, health care and religious upbringing. Often, one parent will be awarded primary physical custody while the other will receive visitation rights.

We typically resolve child custody and visitation disputes through negotiation or mediation. However, if the parties involved cannot fashion a workable parenting plan , we will take the case to court, where we have been extremely successful.

Putting Children’s Needs First

Our child custody lawyers in Central Florida are fierce litigators, but we are also students of child development. We care about our client’s children and keep abreast of what experts say is best for them. The current philosophy is that a positive environment is more important to the healthy development of children than a two-parent household. In other words, staying in a bad relationship for the sake of the children may do a disservice to both the adults and the children involved.

Our goal is to help our clients promptly establish, modify or enforce appropriate child custody and visitation arrangements so that they can rebuild their lives in a manner that minimizes the negative impact to children.

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To arrange a consultation with our highly experienced child custody lawyer in Orlando and to ensure your rights and your children rights are protected, please contact The Roberts Family Law Firm today at (407) 426-6999. You may also fill out the online form located on this page and we will contact you shortly. We value your privacy and will keep your information confidential. We represent clients in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. Free parking available.

5 Star Reviews


Our highly experienced family law attorney has received numerous 5-star reviews from clients with custody matters . Below are some of them. Please follow the link to read more reviews!


    by Morgan S.
    I couldn’t be more pleased with the utmost professional and wonderful service I received from the Roberts Law Firm. No one wants to be going through any type of situation that would need enlisting of an attorney, but I can say that with the helpful hands of Mr. Roberts and Lauren, I never felt more relieved. I was beyond scared and stressed when served with custody papers from my children’s father and once handing the petition over to the law firm they made the entire situation painless and simple. Explained everything to me in great deal so I knew exactly what I was up against and had a good idea of the process ahead of me. Even though ( thankfully ) my case took less than a year and closed up spring of 2020 I still have questions that Lauren and Mr. Roberts ALWAYS answer within a very timely manner. I’ve never felt more trusting in anyone handling such a serious matter to me. I know if ever I needed to hire a law firm again, Roberts Family Law would be my first and only option. I would highly recommend to anyone, friend or family going through a similar situation. Thanks for you wonderful compassion and help during a stressful, emotionally draining and just overall awful situation. Your team really made a difference and left a lasting wonderful impression! -Morgan S.


    by Anonymous
    I stupidly used previous other attorneys and I was an idiot. I had David for my divorce and he was killer. I thought the law was on my side with custody and went with a referral from my mom. Biggest mistake of mine amp my son’s life. David is and will always be my attorney. Lauren, Ben, and Elis are equally invested in my case. I can’t say enough. They are saving my son’s life.

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