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Child Support - Frequently Asked Questions

How is child support calculated in a divorce?

Child Support in Florida is calculated pursuant to guidelines set forth in § 61.30, Florida Statutes. The guidelines schedule calculates the combined net income of both parents estimated to have been allocated to each child, were the parents and children living in an intact household. Each parent’s basic child support obligation is calculated by adding both parents’ respective monthly net incomes, and looking to the appropriate figure in the guideline tables set forth in the statute. The total obligation is then divided between the parents based on the percentage share of each parent’s total monthly net income. A parent’s share may then be adjusted on the basis of certain costs, including child health insurance costs and out-of-pocket child care or day care costs. The Family Law Court may deviate from the statutory guidelines by 5% up or down, without making specific findings. In unusual cases, the Court may deviate more than 5% if special findings are made to support a deviation (for example, where a child has special needs such as expensive medication). Generally child support is paid to the parent with whom the child spends the majority of overnights. The actual child support amount you pay or receive will be determined by a family law court. The calculation of child support can be a complex undertaking and many factors and considerations must be taken into account depending on the particular facts of your case. If you have questions regarding child support, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced family law and child support attorneys at The Roberts Family Law Firm. 407-426-6999.

How to Request Temporary Child Support?

One of the most litigious issues a divorcing couple deals with is determining a fair and sufficient amount of child support that a spouse will have to pay. The court establishes child support based upon its examination of the testimony, income, and financial evidence of both spouses and usually orders one party to pay child support when the divorce proceedings are finalized... Read more

What can I do if my ex is always late with child support payments?

Documenting the child support you receive from the other party is very important –even if the support is being paid through the State’s Disbursement Unit. Although keeping track of all of your child support payments is the last thing you might want to do in a divorce, you must be diligent in your own record keeping. No longer can parties rely on third-parties to do this and you should keep records of when you receive support and how much you receive... Read more

What Child Support Payments Can Be Paid Toward?

Child support was created to make the lives of children of divorced or separated parents as comfortable as possible. By court order, the noncustodial parent must make monthly payments based on their income that will help maintain the child’s accustomed standard of living. Because custodial parents are not required to report on their child support spending, it's possible they may attempt to spend the child’s money on their own personal needs... Read more

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