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Alimony - Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to alimony?

Florida’s alimony statute is found at § 61.08, F.S. Either party in a marriage may be entitled to some form of alimony . Florida courts have long recognized three types of alimony: Bridge-the-Gap (transitional short-term alimony which cannot exceed two years and cannot be modified), Rehabilitative (a stated plan to assist a spouse in acquiring education, training or work experience to develop employment skills or credentials), and Permanent (for the party who lacks the financial ability to meet his or her own needs and necessities of life and to provide for such needs and necessities as they were established during the marriage). In 2010, significant amendments to the alimony statute included the addition of a fourth category of “Durational” Alimony ... Read More

Can You Get Alimony if You’re Not Yet Divorced?

When a marriage can no longer be saved, some couples opt for separation instead of divorce. A separation is often the preferred option for couples either looking to take a break in order to repair their marriage, whose religious convictions oppose the dissolution of marriage, or those who are no longer romantically involved but rely on the financial and tax benefits of their marital status. In the state of Florida, couples who become separated but not yet divorced may be eligible for spousal support benefits such as alimony.... Read more

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