Orlando Family Appelate Attorney

Family Law Appeal Attorneys in Orlando

Sometimes one of our clients, with the help of our Central Florida appellate attorneys , desires to appeal some facet of the outcome of his or her case. In other cases, the opposing party has filed an appeal and our client is forced to defend same. At The Roberts Family Law Firm, we utilize an in-house Appellate department to prosecute our own Appeals.

If our firm is retained for this purpose, the attorney who represented the client at Trial works with the Appellate department throughout the Appellate process. We do not “farm out” our Appeals to other offices that may or may not exhibit the same level of concern that we do for our clients. Using our cutting-edge research techniques, we are able to provide you with Appellate briefs that are meticulously drafted and of the finest quality. We strictly adhere to writing standards that produce the highest quality briefs with a level of attention to detail that is simply unparalleled.

Highly Experienced Appellate Attorneys in Central Florida

If our firm represented you at the Trial level and you wish to discuss the possibility of Appeal, if an Appeal has been filed against you, or if a different family law attorney represented you at the Trial level and you wish for us to review the outcome and possibly file an Appeal on your behalf, please contact the Orlando appellate attorneys at The Roberts Law Firm today at (407) 426-6999. We will protect your interests and advocate fiercely on your behalf! you may also fill out the online form provided on this page and we will contact you shortly.

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