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The Family Law Attorneys at The Roberts Family Law Firm in Orlando, focus on their client’s futures, and have received numerous 5-star reviews from them. Below are the most recent ones. Please follow the link read more reviews!

  • ★★★★★

    by anonymous

    I wholeheartedly recommend The Roberts Family Law. Attorney Roberts and the entire Firm are the all-Star Team. Since the beginning, Attorney Roberts has demonstrated the utmost ethical and moral standards, he is trustworthy and his presence commands authority and respect. He has a high level of expertise, great knowledge and experience. During the process, Attorney Roberts and his team carefully walked me through each step and provided excellent advice. He went the extra mile and even adjusted his business operation to accommodate a special request. The Roberts Family Law Team were spectacular to work with, they are caring and compassionate, they made sure I felt comfortable along the way of this emotionally draining process. They made it much more bearable. Attorney Roberts is strong and assertive when it comes to defending his clients. He has remarkable negotiation skills. He obtained the best possible deal and achieved what seemed to be impossible. I could not be happier with the outcome. I am extremely grateful to have found Attorney Roberts and his Firm.

  • ★★★★★

    by ESM

    Mr. David Roberts and his staff at Roberts Family Law are exceptional professionals who represent their clients well. I wholeheartedly recommend Roberts Family Law to anyone needing highly experienced attorneys with efficient and capable staff that will take care of their clients through every step of the legal process.

    I was referred to the practice by two friends who were represented by Attorney David Roberts and both had fair and successful settlements.

    They found Mr. Roberts to have the highest moral and ethical standards while litigating with perseverance, tenacity and expertise.

    As a client of Mr. Roberts, I found this to be true. Mr. Roberts was attentive and knowledgeable about the details of my case. He expertly applied his knowledge of the law and successfully managed my complex case in a focused and organized way.

    I appreciated his consideration of my time, returning emails and phone calls promptly. His staff were pleasant and responsive when I needed help. Customer service was valued. His practice took great care to be efficient and cost effective to keep my legal fees as low as possible.

    Mr. Roberts has an excellent working relationship with a network of experts at his disposal including forensic accountants, vocational experts and specialized attorneys.

    On staff at Roberts Family Law, is Attorney Shannon Akins, who is an expert in appellate matters and case law with firsthand experience at the US Supreme Court level.

    If your case involves complex trial litigation like mine, you will want an attorney like Mr. David Roberts, who knows how to use valuable experts and their resources in obtaining a successful and fair judgement.

    Mr. Roberts and his staff are kind, compassionate people who listen well. In the courtroom, Mr. Roberts was always respectful but also confident and assertive. He consistently used good judgement and always came prepared and ready to protect me. Consequently, he was able to secure for me a fair and successful judgement.

  • ★★★★★

    by Morgan S.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with the upmost professional and wonderful service I received from the Roberts Law Firm. No one wants to be going through any type of situation that would need enlisting of an attorney, but I can say that with the helpful hands of Mr. Roberts and Lauren, I never felt more relieved. I was beyond scared and stressed when served with custody papers from my children’s father and once handing the petition over to the law firm they made the entire situation painless and simple. Explained everything to me in great deal so I knew exactly what I was up against and had a good idea of the process ahead of me. Even though ( thankfully ) my case took less than a year and closed up spring of 2020 I still have questions that Lauren and Mr. Roberts ALWAYS answer within a very timely manner. I’ve never felt more trusting in anyone handling such a serious matter to me. I know if ever I needed to hire a law firm again, Roberts Family Law would be my first and only option. I would highly recommend to anyone, friend or family going through a similar situation. Thanks for you wonderful compassion and help during a stressful, emotionally draining and just overall awful situation. Your team really made a difference and left a lasting wonderful impression! -Morgan S.

  • ★★★★★

    by Anonymous

    I walked into the firm scared, I felt defeated and wondered if my children and I would ever be free. My case was complicated with so many hurdles to overcome. Custody and relocation to name a few. I met with David and I knew he was who I wanted to fight for us. The fight was a long one but, David and his team stood by me though it and fought hard. We won, and now we are moving forward in our new life.

  • ★★★★★

    by C.N.

    If you want your expectations lowered go meet with many of the other lawyers out there but if you want to formulate a plan to fight for what you believe in and WIN, then hire David Roberts. After deciding to fire my first lawyer, I met with many others before hiring David Roberts. My case was a divorce after 11 years of marriage and 2 kids. As an active Father, my goal was to keep my kids 80% of the time and pay no alimony based on the fact that my wife had her own career, retirement plan and health insurance. I kept being told by all the other lawyers I met with that I needed to lower my expectations. They kept telling me there was no way I would get more than 50% with my kids and I would have to pay alimony because I made almost 3 times as much as my wife. When I met with Mr. Roberts he told me that it would be very hard to get what I wanted and that we would need to formulate a plan to try and make it work. Mr Roberts put together a case plan we followed it and we won! When the case was over I got my kids 80% and I paid no alimony. We also settled in mediation without an expensive and lengthy trial. Doreen Valentin, Mr Roberts’s legal aid was absolutely the best! She made sure I got through all the paperwork and kept all the pleadings and filings organized in a cloud file for easy review. The billing was fair and accurate and when the case was over I even received small refund on the remainder of the retainer.

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