Helping your child adjust to school after divorce

6 Tips on How to Help Your Child Adjust to Their New School After Divorce

Posted on May 14, 2018

Starting a new school can be both stressful and scary for children, especially starting in the middle of the school year. No one wants to be the new student who’s being whispered about in class. Unfortunately, many children of divorced families will have to make the big transition. While you may not have had much control regarding your child having to switch schools, there are ways you can help them feel more comfortable throughout the process.

Stick to a routine

With all the changes that are happening in your child’s life, it’s helpful to have a consistent routine inside your home. Being able to experience things that are familiar will give your child the ability to have a sense of calmness and make them feel more confident when leaving for the day. Try doing things that will help get your child excited to go to school, such as singing a song you made up that’s special to the two of you.

Make it a team effort

Depending on your child’s age, involve them in the process as much as possible. Attend the school orientation together and see about scheduling a campus tour. Once you know what your child’s schedule is, you can do a trial run together to help prepare them for where they need to be during the day. Be sure to take note of where things are located, such as the auditorium, bathrooms, lockers, and cafeteria. If you have younger children, it may help them to visit the classroom a few times before starting school.

Highlight the positives

Point out things to your child that may be of interest to them. Whether it's extracurricular or sport activities, exciting classes, photographs of the school, or fun facts, such as why the school has a specific mascot. Discuss with your child their expectations, hopes, and fears, and reassure them that their new school experience will be a great one.

Get new gear and supplies

A great way to get your child excited about school is letting them pick out a few new outfits and some school supplies. Make a fun day out of it where you can bond and at the same time help them prepare for their first day.

Encourage your child's involvement

If your child is interested in specific activities, encourage them to get involved with them at their new school. Not only will he or she feel more connected to the school, but it's also a great way to socialize and make new friends who are interested in the same things they are. Find out what your child's goals might be for the school year and then inquire into what programs or activities may be available for them to join.

Schedule a playdate for your younger kids

It may take a little while for a playdate to become a possibility, but if your child mentions having a new friend, try contacting their parents to see if you can schedule a time for the children to get together outside of school. Future friends are all around, so make it a point to attend school events, visit the library, or take your kids to the nearby playground.

Parents going through a divorce , or who are recently divorced, already have a sense of guilt for having to uproot their child from the life they’re used to. Following these tips can help make the transition easier for your kids by allowing them to feel more comfortable in their new environment.

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